I Believe in Tarot

A written response to Tom Benjamin’s #Ibelieveintarot YouTube vlog, and is a part of the Tarot Rebels Blog Hop.

20170517_103621 I didn’t start reading Tarot because I believed in Tarot. I started reading Tarot as learning the system seemed to tick all of the boxes for keeping my brain active during the quiet times on night duty. It required both learning and applying that learning, and I was able to get instant feedback on how the learning progressed by experimenting with it by reading for willing colleagues.

It wasn’t long before I believed in Tarot. Much to my surprise, the cards, placed in pretty patterns, or just laid in a line usually had something very pertinent to say on whatever matter was being focussed on. Why? How? I didn’t know then, and I don’t know now.

Each photograph in this post is an actual reading from the past few days. Each photograph in this blog post has succinctly and accurately described situations in my life, and either given very useful advice as to how to move forward, or (in the case of the one with David’s Tarot at the top of the post), did that maddening thing of confirming my feelings on the matter and leaving the process of sorting matters out in my hands – ‘Agh, c’mon Tarot – I wanted YOU to figure it out for me!’

I do sometimes lose my Tarot mojo though. I think the very nature of the Tarot and its insistence on digging deep, and prodding the ouchy bits, and making me take responsibility is tiring, and is a process that shouldn’t be over-used. At these times I turn to the short sweet spiky and straightforward advice from the Lenormand nowadays (I believe in that too – usually).

Picking up the Tarot and shuffling seems to signify to my higher self (or whatever it is that does not actually seem to feed into my consciousness whilst in ‘going about life’ mode), that I’d like to connect and work something out. It does feel like a sacred process to me, and the space I’m sitting in feels like sacred space. A special ‘receiving bubble’.


This reading was done for me as a gift for my birthday. We were sitting in the corner of a very old city centre pub – not too crowded, but not empty, and there was 80s music in the background – but it all receded. The reading space became sacred, and snippets of sound that entered our sacred bubble in the corner of the pub became an important part of the reading.

I believe different Tarot readers draw on various systems and skills such as kabbalah, astrology, psychic skills to help them draw the utmost depth from the cards in their readings for themselves and others. I believe that’s fine. We all have skills and belief sets that help us draw from the waters of the collective to share with prompting from the cards.

I believe there are useful, and not so useful ways to work with Tarot. And what is not useful today, may be useful tomorrow (and vice versa). But I believe Tarot should always be approached with a willingness and a preparedness to hear what is to be said, and deal with it.Nobody wants to hear the worst – but if the worst is around, then the Tarot will present it to you on a nice shiny platter. I believe that ultimately that’s good though. Being handed poop on a platter gives one the rather urgent impetus to work out how to clean it up.


This spread handed me poop on a platter (look at all of those 5s down the centre!). But it very kindly also handed me some handy hints to deal with it.

I believe, that with the right intent from us as readers, the information given to us through the Tarot can be used to great effect in our growth as human beings.

So, I believe in Tarot – do you?


5 thoughts on “I Believe in Tarot

  1. “Poop on a platter” … a quite accurate turn of phrase, especially the implication about making us want to clean it up faster.

    It’s interesting to look back at the path our tarot journey has led us on and recognize how far we’ve come, and how much we’ve grown spiritually and individually as a result. It’s a powerful motivator, isn’t it? And one day I’ll pull that pretentious IJJ Swiss deck out and spend some time with it, but I enjoy my Trionfi too much to bother, honestly.


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