Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’ – Reversals in The Tarot

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Have you ever watched a brilliant programme on an old-fashioned television set where the picture starts to ‘roll’ until your brother whacked the TV set with a sand shoe? Have you ever been in conversation with someone who speaks very quietly? So quietly you have to ask them to repeat themselves several times, and you still can’t catch it and you nod awkwardly and smile? Have you ever looked for a website, and all that appeared was a page of code? Read a book and found that a vital paragraph was totally obscured by a toddler’s creative scribbling? Watched a film, and your partner talked over the pivotal conversation?


I don’t read with reversals. They stop me in my tracks, jarr my flow and reversed pictures just upset my sensibilities. They just look out of place and well, wrong. I do understand that readers can find depths in them, but for me, the narrative is ruined by this jigsaw piece, that to my eye is forced in the wrong way, and so inhibit me from telling the story in the cards. I don’t find that the story is hindered by this ‘limiting’ practice of reading upright images only, the Tarot reflects life’s ups and downs, triumphs and anti-climaxes in all of their glory. The roll and flow and merge and dance needs to trip from my tongue rather than trip up my tongue and pop my left brain right back in control.






4 thoughts on “Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’ – Reversals in The Tarot

  1. What Christiana said! I love reversals but also get not everyone is wired the same way and will be more successful and meaningful with different methods than what I like or know. Reading how people use only upright cards is just as interesting to me. Tarot is a big big world. ❤

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  2. It’s so interesting to read other people’s practices and learn why or why not reversals work for them. I’ve found a sort of hybrid approach with my reading style that I am quite happy with right now, which does not require the cards themselves to be reversed. Gotta do what works for you!


  3. I can absolutely sympathize with the left brain dominance resurging and disrupting the intuitive interpretive flow when it comes to reversals. I did try using them, back when I was very new to tarot and thought that it was a requirement of some sort. It was daunting and jarring and I gave it up rather quickly… and I’ve never found a single shard of justification to go back to it.
    Thanks for sharing your perspective.


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